I grew up in Wassenaar, spending my time painting in my fathers workshop. Although I always felt that my future was going to be in the fine arts, fear, insecurity and lack of knowledge stopped me from pursuing such a path. After a break of nearly 20 years, I finally had the courage to delve into the creative world again. I aim to educate myself by taking all kinds of art classes, both in my hometown and abroad. These lessons not only allow me to improve my techniques, but also help me find my individual artistic identity. The more courses I follow, the more I realise that my artwork is the perfect way to express myself. The 20 years of smoldering desire evolved to a lifetime of inspiration which I am now translateing to my art.


Artist Statement

I feel the need to paint people because the way people react, what they say and do.. and not do, intrigue me. Their being and their words fascinate me. People are an enigma and painting is my way to understand humankind. My works evolves around beauty and emotions. To me the beauty of a face is not a search for perfection but for personality and depth. My work finds it origin in my personal emotions. Not only I want to depict the beauty of live and strength, but also fear, loss, pain and sorrow. Because only in the darkest dark the shining stars are clearly visible. I focus on oilpainting, in which I like to use color. The many possible shades and color combinations all create a different atmosphere and elicit different emotions. I paint intuitive so the piece evolves in an organic way.



Solo exhibitions

Maart - April 2019: Solo exhibition Nature Café - De Tuin van de Smid

November 2018 - maart 2019: Business Centre - Nieuwe Energie

Februari 2018 - April 2018 : Art-café -Vooraf en Toe

December 2017 - Februari 2018 : When Art meets Fashion - Men At Work

November 2017 : Opening exhibit FacingDorith  - Old School


Group exhibitions

September 2018- now: 2 monthly group exhibit - Galerie Cafe De Leidse Lente

Juli 2018: Estudio Nomada Barcelona

April 2018 – now: Art@Work at Businesscentre - De Plek



The World Is my Oyster

As I enjoy observing people my travels brought me so much joy. There are so many varieties in beauty. All those faces originating from different cultures with stories to tell… But yet the eyes as a mirror of the soul show universal emotions. Regardless of all differences we find recognision in those expressions.


Facing Painters

We alle have Heroes in some way. People that inspire us and make us view the world slightly different. Maybe they show us new possibilities or give us courage when we need it. The Facing Painters Series is my personal tribute to six of my favorite icons in painting.